Keeping Your Goat Herd Healthy


1. Did you know that if you have a weak baby, a little black coffee may help kick start them?

2. If your baby will not take a bottle you can try a little karo syrup on the nipple.

3. Sometimes it is helpful to add a spoon of baking soda in with your MOM for a goat thats bloated.

4. Free choice baking soda should be offered to your goats.

5. Free choice minerals should be offered to your goats.

6. Did you know that a goat can break a tooth on mineral blocks? I prefer loose minerals.

7. When giving a shot to your goat the beval should be face up.

8. Never make fast changes in your goats diet.

9. After kidding your doe will enjoy a nice warm drink of molasses water.

10. Freeze your colostrum in ice cube trays & put them into a plastic freezeer bag for later. Feed one at a time and avoid wasting this valuable resource.  

11. Homemade colostrum-3 cups whole milk, 1 beaten egg, 1 tsp cod liver oil, 1 Tbs sugar.

12. Use a baby monitor in your barn to help you know when your doe is about to kid.  

13. Always supply fresh clean drinking water to your goats

14. Hay twine can really come in handy for mending things around the barnyard

15. Plastic ties can always be used for keeping a gate closed or holding a tarp in place. Plastic ties have many uses on the farm

16. Be sure your barn in ventilated. 

17. Make sure your goats have a place to get out of the elements such as snow, wind, rain, and sun

18. Livestock Guardian dogs are very helpful at keeping predators at bay

19. Don't forget that hawks and eagles can also be a kids enemy

20. Goats have very fast metabolisms

21. Think about building or purchasing a gaot stand. It will be usefully throughout the years for feet trimming, giving medications, grooming, and of course milking. Yes you can milk Fainting goats however, they don't produce as much as a dairy goat will.

22. Goats can be transported in dog crates, a van, some have even taken out seats from their car to make it a goat carrier, goat totes in the back of a pickup will haul several goats, and of course a horse or cattle trailer will work too.

23. Keep all new goats away from the herd for 14-30 days. Look for any signs of illness while they are seperated.

24. Purchase goats from well known healthy herds.

25. Never reuse a needle.

26. It is important to keep good records of things like hoof trimming, vaccine, kidding, breeding and illness on each goat.

27. If your goat rejects grain but is still eatting hay and grass; then the problem is most likely a Ph problem. Giving MOM will help.