Keeping Your Goat Herd Healthy


Below are some links that you may find helpful! 

American Fainting Goat Organization

For much more information on raising goats check out the American Fainting Goat Organization It has a very interactive website. It is a registry dedicated to the historically correct Fainting Goat. It is a one of a kind registry preserving the Fainting goats and keeping them as close to original as possible.


Fainting Goat News

An on-line magazine devoted to the Fainting Goat! Published quarterly. It contains lots of helpful information.



Fainting Goat Store

A place to find just the right gift for the goat lover in your life! Get yourself something while you are at it. We offer: cups,shirts,PJ's,kitchen accesories,office supplies, cards for all occassions, clocks,and much more. Check it out!



Hoeggers Goat Supply

Hoeggers offers just about any goat related item that you may need. http://hoeggerfarmyard.com


Fainting Goat Facts

Fainting Goats: All things goat 

Learn about the history of the Fainting Goats and look at many old historical articles